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with naturopathic medicine

meet dr. nadia mawji

naturopathic doctor &

fellow in integrative cancer therapies (A4M)

"Hi! I'm Dr. Nadia Mawji, Naturopathic Doctor. My mission is to help you find the "why" and identify the root cause behind your symptoms. By learning the "why" about how signs, symptoms & causes of disease are interconnected through comprehensive diagnostic assessment, physical examination & clinical research - you can take full responsibility for your health. 

You can also expect to play an active role in your health journey, while acquiring the tools and skills to help you lead your most optimal and healthy life! I meet you where you are at and then, we work towards where you want to be. 

You do not need to pick between conventional & naturopathic medicine...comprehensive healthcare isn't about that. Comprehensive healthcare is about integrating safe & effective medical strategies led by a team of health professionals dedicated to you."


practice focus

natural hormone support

autoimmune disease management

naturopathic integrative cancer care

metabolic health & wellness

chronic disease management

be inspired to take care of you.


IV & Injection Therapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

Advanced Lab Testing 

Clinical Nutrition

Orthomolecular Medicine

Mind-Body Connection

Lifestyle Counselling 

Botanical/Herbal Medicine

Patient Education

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naturopathic integrative cancer care (NICC)

Naturopathic Integrative Cancer Care (NICC) uses naturopathic medical principles to support conventional medical treatments (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation), with the goal of addressing the whole person.

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on the blog

welcome to the blog! its an exciting place to learn about a variety of topics in naturopathic medicine, but don't's for information purposes only. please speak with your health care provider before beginning anything new. 

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