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905 1 Ave NE

Calgary AB

T2E 2L3

t: (403) 457-3205


Dr. Mawji's Hours:
Tuesday.       1pm-7pm

Wednesday   9am-4pm
Thursday       1pm-7pm

Friday          12pm-6pm

Saturday       9am-3pm

Sunday         Out of clinic

Monday        Out of clinic

*Complimentary 15-minute consults are available. Please note that no medical advice will be given in these visits. The purpose of this visit is to get to know Dr. Mawji's approach and introduce her to your case. A complete Initial Naturopathic Visit or Initial Oncology Naturopathic Visit including a thorough health history, physical examination and pertinent assessment  is required in order to obtain specific information regarding your case or to begin any therapies. Thank you.

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The content provided is for information-purposes only. Additionally, we can never guarantee that a particular therapy or treatment will work for you.

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