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New year, now what?

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

New Years Resolutions. Goals are great! Especially, if they follow the SMART theory of goal-setting: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time-Based. This theory helps to prevent short-term disappointment, while promoting long-term motivation.

At the beginning of every year we often refer to these goals as “Resolutions”. We often say “New Year, New Me!”. My question to you is, what is there to RESOLVE? What are these issues that we face, that require these resolutions? Why do we feel the need to resolve these? Will BECOMING NEW actually fix the problem? And, most importantly, what is it about these resolutions that will make you “NEW”?

"New Year, New Me". Truth be told, your “New Me” may not materialize until you’ve accepted your “Old Me”, which is usually the "Current Me". We are a product of what we’ve experienced, what we’ve learned, what we’ve failed at and what we’ve succeeded at. Why do we want to become NEW? Sure, we may not be happy with what we expect ourselves to be or act, BUT that in itself is teaching us about who we are. These aspects of our lives often require adopting healthy and beneficial HABITS. Habits are defined as a regular tendency or practice. When we adopt habits, we GROW in response to those habits. We don't flip from being one person to another.

What I think is very important, is that we set goals from a perspective of happiness, inner peace and the intention of starting with WHERE YOU ARE AT NOW. This means ACCEPTING yourself with what you have, loving yourself (not always an easy concept) and framing your mind around self-consideration. We all know that we are our toughest critics. But, habits are what will help promote growth and development into a better version of ourselves.

So, I would like to advocate for the idea of “New Year, SAME ME, Better Version of Me”. The "Me" that I am today will help me develop into the "Me" that I desire for myself tomorrow. This phrase enables growth and maturation, without losing our identity of core-self and without having the need to feel new and different.

Now, I do realize that we all have different perspectives when we think of “New Year, New Me”, so please do not jump to conclusions.This is just a perspective. I also realize that sometimes we say things because we have heard it so often. But, let's THINK about what we are saying. We’ve heard time and time again - “the more you say it, the more you think it”. Let’s not aim to be a new self; let’s be the same self – with a desire to grow and facilitate positive, meaningful development without losing sight of who we are, where we have come from and what led us down this journey of self-betterment in the first place <3.

Happy New Year.


Dr. Mawji

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