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High Blood Pressure, Anyone?

May 17,2020 is World Hypertension Day. Let’s talk about Blood Pressure! Hypertension is the medical term for blood pressure that has been elevated over a long period of time. It is considered a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Generally, hypertension does not present with any major aggressive symptoms and hence has been termed the “silent killer”. However, some individuals with very severe hypertension may experience symptoms such as: shortness of breath, nosebleeds, headaches. This is why it is important to have a regular routine check-up with your doctor every 6-12 months, so that you are getting regular screening.

The Heart & Stroke Foundation Canada recommends the following if you have high blood pressure:

  • Regular checks

  • Taking any prescribed medications recommended by your Medical Doctor

  • Reduce sodium intake (= salt!) Lots of packaged foods and frozen foods contain high amounts of sodium, which can increase blood pressure if consumed regularly over time.

  • Eat whole foods – lots of fruits & vegetables!

  • Exercise within your limits

  • Lifestyle habits: Stop alcohol, stop smoking

  • Stress management – anxiety and stress are a key factor when we think about hypertension and heart disease

Here is the link to the entire article from the Heart & Stroke Foundation Canada

Naturopathic Medicine can be beneficial for patients struggling with hypertension. Of course, medications should never be stopped unless recommended by your medical doctor. Naturopathic medicine can help in the prevention and management of hypertension alongside any conventional medical treatments you may be undergoing.

This would include:

  • Detailed guidance around diet & nutrition

  • Lifestyle modifications

  • Stress & Anxiety management strategies

  • Mental-Emotional support and guidance

If you are interested in integrative support around high blood pressure, please book in for a Complimentary 15 minute consult for more information!


Dr. Mawji

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