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Naturopathic Integrative Cancer Care (NICC)

Naturopathic Cancer Care uses naturopathic medical principles to support conventional medical treatments (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation), with the goal of addressing the whole person.


Conventional medical treatments are important! One major goal of care is to ensure that the adjunctive naturopathic therapies recommended do not interact with conventional medical treatments. Our primary objective is to support patients through conventional medical treatments, so that patients are better able to complete treatment cycles with minimal side effects and without compromising the intended purpose of conventional medical treatments.


An integral part of Naturopathic Cancer Care involves patient education. Not all supplements are safe with a diagnosis of cancer. Please note that Dr. Mawji may make recommendations to stop certain supplements that you may be taking, due to interactions with conventional medical therapies, and therefore, for your safety. 


Benefits of Naturopathic Cancer Care include:

  • Improved quality of life

  • Aim to reduce the risk of recurrence

  • Aim to increase efficacy & completion of conventional medical treatments

  • Optimizing health through clinical nutrition 

  • Tracking the progression of treatments

  • Side effect management from chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal & targeted therapy

  • Weight management while undergoing conventional medical treatments

  • Emotional guidance & support (referrals to other health professionals also available)

  • A whole-person approach

  • Information for those who have a family history of cancer

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