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Mesotherapy Injections for Pain Management

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Mesotherapy is a valuable treatment used for a variety of pain syndromes due to variety of conditions. Mesotherapy is very effective for muscle-related pain. Your standard upper and lower back pain can be more than effectively treated with Mesotherapy and postural amendments.

There are 3 layers to the skin:

  1. Inner layer = endoderm

  2. Middle layer = mesoderm

  3. Outer layer = ectoderm

Like the name infers, Mesotherapy involves injecting into the MESODERM of the skin. Pain receptors are widely present in the mesoderm region. Therefore, injecting into this layer of the skin helps dissipate pain quicker and more effectively than injecting into other layers. The duration of effect is longer, since the injectable agent takes its time to slowly seep down to the muscle layers.

Injectable Vitamin B12. There are many studies showing the effects of B12 on the neurological system. B12 has the capacity to help improve nerve innervation, especially when injected or obtained intravenously. Pain receptors are connected to nerves, which means that if we inject B12 into the mesoderm, we are promoting an ANALGESIC EFFECT.

I enjoy using Mesotherapy as a part of my practice - the results my patients get from treatment is the motivating factor for me to continue using it. Typically, duration of treatment is 20 minutes depending on the region being treated (it can be more). Injections are administered in a serial pattern into the mesoderm within the targeted location in the body. Results are more than often apparent immediately after treatment.

Mesotherapy is a great addition to trigger point release, massage, chiropractic care and lifestyle changes can help you yield long term benefits.

Speak with your Naturopathic Doctor trained in mesotherapy for more information!


Dr. Mawji

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