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5 Tips for Preserving Brain Health

Our brain should be the focal point when we think of anti-aging & longevity.  Here are 5 quick tips to take care of your brain:


1.     Try and incorporate healthy decisions a part of your daily routine. This not only is important in the foods we consume, but also how we decide to take care of ourselves. Healthy fats like avocado, coconut and raw olive oil and Omega 3’s are beneficial in preserving brain function and optimize brain health. Other healthy choices include walking instead of driving, taking breaks, reducing/eliminating alcohol and regular exercise

2.     Ensure that you maintain social interactions with new and old friends! Socializing and discussing topics that you can learn from allows your brain to strengthen its cognitive abilities.  Research is showing that being social can help prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

3.     Challenge yourself. Games like scrabble, Sudoku and other puzzles promote brain function and help to maintain your brain’s ability to problem-solve. This is crucial in aging. Watching TV may be easier, but problem solving will help your brain from giving up on you in the long term!

4.    Exercise helps to reduce oxidative stress and mental stress and also helps oxygenate and improve circulation to all parts of our bodies, including our brains! Keep moving, never stop. Even if it means a short walk, just do it. Help your brain work better by reducing oxidative damage, increasing circulation and maintaining physical coordination.

5.     Physically PROTECT your brain! If you are engaging in sports or transportation with a possibility of head injury, wear a helmet!! We’ve all heard this before.  Prevent concussions and severe brain damage. You will thank yourself later!


Dr. M

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