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Benefits of Glutathione: an anti-oxidant made by our bodies

Glutathione is a molecule that is extremely important for detoxification processes in our bodies. All living organisms have glutathione – plants, animals, bacteria and even fungi!

Our bodies produce free radicals or reactive oxygen species (ROS) as part of our metabolism, which can cause oxidative damage. High amounts of oxidative damage are

associated with increased risk of cancer and chronic disease. When these molecules accumulate, they slowly begin to destruct cells in our bodies.

Free radicals can cause damage to DNA – this is a fundamental piece in DNA mutation theory. There is plenty of research linking oxidative DNA damage to cancer.

Some sources of free radicals include:

  • Smoking

  • Alcohol

  • Toxic chemicals

  • Heavy metal accumulation

  • Many sources of environmental pollutants

Glutathione in our bodies helps to dissipate the free radicals. It acts as an anti-oxidant to the DNA damage that free radicals produce. This is why glutathione plays a BIG role in ANTI-AGING.

Sometimes, we need exogenous glutathione to help in liver detoxification, in order to help push toxins out and balance out that free radical damage.

Glutathione IV therapy is a great way to get exogenous glutathione (given that you have no allergies to sulphur-containing medications, sulphur-containing foods, and that your kidneys and liver are functioning optimally, etc). This IV can be administered alone or after certain types of IVs, depending on the particular condition.

Contact your Naturopathic Doctor if you think you could benefit from glutathione therapy, or are even interested in testing the glutathione content in your red blood cells! Your Naturopathic Doctor trained in Glutathione IV administration will assess you and run appropriate testing prior to beginning sessions to ensure safety and efficacy.


Dr. Mawji

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