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Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

1. First, to Do No Harm (Primum non nocere)


2. Treat the Cause of disease (Tolle causam)

3. Doctor as Teacher (Docere)


4. Treat the Whole Person (Tolle totum)


5. Prevention (Praevenic)


6. Support the body's inherent capacity for health restoration  (Vis medicatrix naturae)

Dr. Nadia Mawji

 Naturopathic Doctor

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South Calgary

Seton Integrative Health Clinic

Suite 101 - 3815 Front St SE

Calgary, AB 

T3M 0M2

(587) 393-3890     

Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided on this webpage is not to substitute medical recommendations provided by a licensed primary health care provider attending specifically to your care. Please consult your primary health care provider prior to trying anything presented on this webpage. Failure to do so can be injurious to your health. This webpage is for information-purposes only.

Dr. Nadia Mawji Naturopathic Doctor Updated 2020

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