Nutrition & Lifestyle
Nutrition & Lifestyle factors play a tremendous role in our health. From a cellular & immune perspective, nutrition and lifestyle modifications can help reduce inflammation; and therefore, oxidative damage & oxidative stress - all of which promote disease. This can help improve cellular health and may help promote anti-aging!
Tranditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture is a modality used in Naturopathic Medicine, only with additional certification requirements. There are numerous studies that have shown efficacy in improving: digestion, hormone regulation, stress, anxiety & other mood disorders, neurological health, cancer-related fatigue, skin health, fatigue, and much much more!
IV Therapy
IV therapy is a modality that can be used (if necessary and if safe to do so) for a variety of concerns. IV therapy allows the administered agents to bypass the gastrointestinal tract, providing 100% absorption. Our Naturopathic Doctor has certified training in a variety of IV therapies. Please note that regular blood work is always required before beginning and after you begin IV therapy to monitor complete blood counts, kidney & liver function and any other pertinent markers.
Injection Therapy
A variety of injection therapies are available including: intramuscular & mesotherapy/neural therapy injections for energy & pain. Please note that not all individuals need injection therapy. Our Naturopathic Doctor certified & trained in injection therapies will perform a thorough assessment and convey what is safe and appropriate for you.
Orthomolecular Medicine
Nutritional supplementation is a modality that Naturopathic Doctors have received extensive evidence-based training in. Not all individuals require nutritional supplementation. Also, it is best to consume our nutrients from food whenever possible! Certain symptoms or conditions may be better managed through nutritional supplementation. Our Naturopathic Doctor is extensively trained in pharmacology and may ask you to stop supplements if they are reducing effectiveness of your medications.
Botanical Medicine
Botanical medicine involves the use of herbal extracts for medicinal purposes. It is important to note that all medications, supplements & herbal extracts may detoxify via the same pathway in the liver and may reduce the effectiveness of medications that you need to be on. Our Naturopathic Doctor is trained in Botanical Medicine and Pharmacological agents and will inform you of any herbal-medication interactions, so that you can get the best out of your medical treatments.
Advanced Lab testing
Our Naturopathic Doctor has received international training in advanced laboratory testing alongside medical doctors, specialists and leaders in the field of medicine. Testing is available through laboratories in Canada, the USA & Europe.
Mental-Emotional Support
Naturopathic Medicine shines in its principle of "Treating the Whole Person". Mental-Emotional health can manifest physically and we know this through the large amount of studies being conducted regularly! This is why mental health is so important. Referrals available for specialized mental health support, when required.
Patient Education
Another area in which Naturopathic Doctors flourish is in the principle of "Doctor as Teacher". Expect our Naturopathic Doctor to take the time with you to discuss & explain to you why you may be experiencing what you do and provide you with tools to better your life and health. You are in control of your health journey!
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Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided on this webpage is not to substitute medical recommendations provided by a licensed primary health care provider attending specifically to your care. Please consult your primary health care provider prior to trying anything presented on this webpage. Failure to do so can be injurious to your health. This webpage is for information-purposes only.

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