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anti-aging naturopathic medicine

Anti-Aging Health is an emerging branch of interest within the broad field of medicine, which truly identifies and encompasses one of the major principles of Naturopathic Medicine - Prevention.

Often, we think of anti-aging strategies for aesthetic therapies and enhancing physical features. Anti-aging health also encompasses preventative strategies in a variety of health areas including: healthy hormones, digestive health, cancer, neurological/brain health, skin health, cardiovascular health, environmental health, and more. It explores the health of our cells and translates that to outer health and beauty.
Why anti-aging naturopathic strategies? Because, we know that our environment (diet, lifestyle and more) can affect the expression of our genes. Anti-aging integrative medicine helps us to understand how epigenetic factors can potentially reduceinflammation, oxidative damage and cellular degeneration. Although we can change the expression of some genes, we cannot change the expression of all. And so, learning about your family history and your own personal health can help guide decisions we make in our lives. 

Our naturopathic doctor is incredibly passionate about anti-aging health and has advanced training in the prevention & management of chronic disease. She meets patients where they are at in their health journey and believes in educating her patients within the principles and scope of naturopathic medicine, so they can play a valuable role in their own health. She has obtained a Fellowship from the American-Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, a world-renowned institution in the USA. 
Our naturopathic doctor is a firm believer that medications, conventional medical treatments and procedures are important for patients and has obtained advanced certified training to support patients while they complete those therapies, through nutrition, side effect management & quality of life. Patient safety is of utmost importance and she is trained in ensuring that pharmacological agents and more natural agents do not interact with one another. Our naturopathic doctor receives referrals from the conventional medical community to support patients through their medical treatment plans. She encourages patients to build their health team for support and guidance. Her passion for evidence-informed practice and updated clinical research will inspire you to learn more. 

Please contact us if you have any questions!

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